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We are a TVET-College in Kitui County established by the Ursuline Sisters from Ireland to provide a place of learning for all young people who desire to gain the skills towards employment in the areas of Hairdressing and Beauty; Food & Beverage, Production & Service; Fashion Design and  Garment making Technology.  If you take one of our courses you will be well prepared to join the workforce or to establish your own business in the future thereby enabling you to provide for yourself, your family and to serve your local community and in many ways. 

Founded in 1970 by Columba McCourt of the Irish Ursuline Congregation, we have provided technical training for over 2000 young women enabling them to build a meaningful future for themselves and their families. Under the umbrella of the Catholic Diocese of Kitui and based on the ethos and values of Ursuline Education, we aim to provide for the all-round development of responsible and effective young adults. 


St. Columba’s Technical Training College will facilitate the acquisition of holistic, equality and affordable education for young people, with an emphasis of life skills and work skills, to enable them to access further education, self-employment or work in industry.


God-Given potential awakened and enhanced so that our young people may realize their dignity as persons and live life to the fullest, in justice, freedom, security, peace, and happiness.


1. Strong Character

2. Enterprise

3. Wholesome

4. Ownership

5. Teamwork

6. Open to Learning


Our intakes are in January, May and September. We have the right education courses to fit your needs and budget in the following Department:

1. Food and Beverages Technology

2. Fashion Design & Garment Making

3. Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy

4. Information Communication & Technology (ICT)

Intakes: January, May and September.

Message From The Director

"Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  Here at St. Columba’s we offer a place of practical education for all who desire to learn by books and by skills training for future employment especially for those who feel other avenues of continuing educaiton are not yet open to them.  We will offer you opportunities to learn for employment which will offer you increased prospects for work and futher study whichever is right for  you in your life. Take the time to make a virtual visit to our college – see all that we can offer to you for your future."


The Institute offers Diploma, Certificate & Artisan Courses.