Our History

History of St. Columba’s: 

St. Columba’s Technical Training College was started by URSULINE Sisters and currently offers Artisan, Craft and Diploma courses in ICT, Agribusiness, Fashion Design, Food Processing, Hairdressing, Music as well as Guidance and Counseling.

In Kitui County the College began as a social hall 1970 where women and girls were trained to be self sustaining through small scale businesses. Through the years the hall grew into a vocational center that offered short courses in tailoring and agriculture. Today the Center offers young adults who complete both primary and secondary school education with weak graduation marks an opportunity to pursue courses of study to prepare for life, third level education and employment. These young adults would otherwise not continue with learning due to lack of placement in a secondary school or in the tertiary institutions of learning.

Since its inception in 1970 by Sr. Columba McCourt of the Irish Ursuline Congregation, St. Columba’s Technical Training College has provided technical skills training for almost 2,000 young women to date, enabling them to build a meaningful future for themselves and their families.

Under the umbrella of the Catholic Diocese of Kitui and based on the ethos and values of Ursuline Education, St. Columba’s aims to provide for the all-round development of responsible and effective young adults.

In 2014, the college expanded enrollment to include boys and currently male students make up 15% of the total population. Over the past 47 years, the college has grown and adapted to the changing economic and policy environment, and to the needs for good quality technical education.